Trends regarding Weddings

Trends regarding Wedding Photography

There is still a call for the traditional wedding, however, when you take into consideration all the waiting around to set up the group shots its possible that the day could lose its rhythm some of the congregation might get restless. This is where a photographer has to use diplomacy and keep a reign on the time available and not get sidetracked. In saying all this though, done well, it gives a record of everybody that attended.
Documentary style weddings are I think less stressful provided you have made the Bride and groom aware that if they require group shots to keep the time and amount of groups to a minimum, this allows for candid images which show all the emotion of a wedding.
Trends in wedding photography come and go. There are people requesting theme weddings which are very popular, however, like fashion it goes out as fast as it came in, and would you still love that wedding album the way you did on the day of your wedding.
All said and done I prefer the Documentary style Photography people seem to love the more candid shots rather than the staid images of a traditional wedding.

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