Documentary Style Wedding Photography

I thought I’d show a few images from a wedding I photographed… the wedding asked for candid shots its an approach I love myself as you photograph the real person no requested smile or pose its as it is the real thing, the images are natural with real emotion.
Most Weddings are a great excuse for the family and friends to get together, we all seem to have such busy lives and excuses not to visit one another and I hear the same phrase time and again ” We should meet up more often, Why have we left it so long?” I find that Documentary style photography tells the story as the day pans out, and seeing the emotion of friends meeting the tears and laughter Traditional wedding photography still has its place and if requested I still include the group shots, however, I do like to keep these to a minimum, as often happens the “Bar Beckons” and if not careful you can lose the flow of what you are all there for.

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